"Raising Children Without Biases."

Published: Sep 14 2021

In today’s podcast, we discussed the topic, “Raising Children Without Biases.” Is this really possible though? I like to think that I am raising my children without biases but then a huge part of my parenting involves telling them how to dress, where to socialize and more importantly how to choose their friends in order to stay out of trouble etc. As a result, when choices are involved, biases are present. Perhaps, what I am really doing as a parent is raising my children with biases , without malicious intent. Maybe..I don’t have all the answers and I am not an expert at this topic. For this reason, I called up some very qualified queens, who also happen to be amazing parents.

Biases are handed down from generation to generation. We are all raised with biases.Biases are not necessary a bad thing. It can be very effective in maintaining great morals and attaining success. However, we are not born biased. Biases that result in prejudice and discrimination are also taught by parents or relatives. This can cause tremendous pain and emotional trauma for others. It is not our right to tell people who to love or decide that they should look exactly like us. God created us differently for a reason. See more on www.basiapowell.com. Follow me on Instagram/basiapowell