"Has Digital Technology Hijacked Communication and Marketing?"

Published: Aug 24 2021

If you are a media, marketing, advertising, communication professional, and you have been in any one of these industries for over 20 years, then you would have experienced the major shift that took place with the emergence of digital technology. Whether you have kept up with the rapid advancements in technology or not, you have to admit that it has made life easier on the workforce, it has saved companies a lot of money in marketing and advertising.

Digital technology has now provided small business owners and corporations with a reliable , affordable, and highly accessible channel to reach potential customers and consumers. Apart from improving the way we do marketing, digital technology has also removed the cost of brick and mortar for many retail businesses. Our store front can now be electronic.Most of all for me, as a business owner, I love the fact that this type of marketing offers me the ability to track and capture data to ensure my advertising dollars are well spent.

Today, the queens and I discussed this topic. I was joined by two University professors, Dr Rhonda Mc Ewen, Dr Ayanna Alleyne-Eastman, Attorney-At-Law, Ms Whitney Marshall and HR professional, Mrs. Joanne Gadson.. We can all identify with the changes and the impact that digital industry has had in our respective industries.. Take a look at their bios, and you can see this podcast on www.basiapowell.com and Youtube/basiapowell. You can follow us on www.Instagram.com.