“Raising A Child On The Autism Spectrum”

Published: May 11 2021

I wanted to do this topic for those of you experiencing the fear and uncertainty that follows an autism diagnosis. Everyone knows someone or has someone in their family on the autism spectrum. After 13 years raising our son on the spectrum, We are here to tell you that "Joy cometh in the morning!" His speech is coming in nicely. He and I coauthored a book called , "Art Is My Voice" (available on Amazon and this site) which was inspired by me observing his way of communicating before he had actual words. I began to heal after I came to terms with the fact that my son did not need to change, I needed to change to meet his special needs. It was not easy, however, it became easier, once I surrendered and decided to see this journey as an opportunity for me to grow and learn.

Today, I was joined by both expert Occupational Therapist Lesley Ann Bailey, http://www.instagram.com/eyebrows72 and parents of a child on the spectrum, Mrs Paula Hospedales-Bosland http://www.instagram.com/hospe_chick and Dr Rhonda McEwen @http://www.twitter.com/rhondamcewen You can follow me on http://www.instagram.com/basiapowell http://www.twitter.com/BasiaPowell