Episode 11: "Let That Sh*t Go": Why the American Woman Cannot Lose Weight! All About Detoxing with Nurse Practitioner + Chiropractor Jonathan Mendoza, President + CEO of MSW Lounge

The Ask Amberleigh Show by Amberleigh Carter

Episode notes

This one is a big one! Amberleigh visits "Nurse Doza" at MSW Lounge in Austin, TX, where they discuss all issues for an American Woman regarding losing weight, the 7 different types of Estrogen (and which ones are "good and bad"), genetic mutations, like MTHFR, the importance of the liver and which blood tests to ask for, why working out can cause more weight gain, the effects of negative thoughts, how sleep is the best way to detox, and how to rid the body of inflammation, aka, REALLY lose weight (i.e., inches!).

They touch on Botox, infertility, PCOS, the gallbladder and other detox organs, methylation, and how to change your DNA. A golden nugget of this episode is how to increase your fertility! So, grab a pen and paper--this one is a "DOZA".

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