S3 Episode 1: My Story (Part II); Hosted x Tamica Lee

The Ask Amberleigh Show by Amberleigh Carter

Episode notes
Part II of this first episode to kick off this new season, where everybody's the host, is all about Amberleigh's best friend, Tamica Lee, asking her...as Tamica puts it, rapid-fire questions!Some of these questions surround the depths of how Amberleigh feels about her own mother's recent death and insight into Tamica's mother's current illness.Amberleigh also shares her thoughts on generational trauma, genetics, epigenetics, how your body is a mirror and a physical manifestation of your belief system, the quantum physics of thoughts and emotions affecting the body, her doctoral dissertation, the power of sound and frequency, the zero point energy field, the positive effects of vacation, and how Tamica has helped Amberleigh get out of her own head!*For a chance to be a host on The Ask Amberleigh Show, please email  ...  Read more
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