Welcome to Artistoria

by Owen Wenner

Listen along to the dramatic reading of this fantasy adventure novel: Colors of Convergence, Artistoria : Book 1 . . . . Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Silver. In the world of Artistoria, Color has been gifted to its people. This unique form of energy, once harnessed and trained, grants a wide array of immensely special abilities. In the vast world, Owin Warstone has honed his Red in on a single purpose for his life. If h ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Chapter 9 : Brotherhood

    Chapter 9 : Brotherhood

    Owin and Leigh square off against the brothers who have been tasked with overseeing the quarry and the heinous operations that are within. The powerful Red that the brothers use pose quite the challenge for the exhausted Leigh. She will have to quickly adapt in order to survive.

  • Chapter 8 : Overwhelmed

    Chapter 8 : Overwhelmed

    Owin fights for survival along the quarry's catwalk. Two soldiers block his path to freedom. A Blue, who uses his Color to a devastating effect, and a Yellow, who makes the pair's strategy a dire headache for Owin to overcome. Unfortunately, he realizes that can't beat them as he is.Also - Head over to Spotify or wherever you get your DND podcasts to check out our sponsor - The Favored Chaotics ; an authentic Dungeons and Dragons podcast.

  • Chapter 7 : Warmed

    Chapter 7 : Warmed

    As Owin survey's the battlefield from the catwalk's perspective, an enemy approaches him. The guard's unique use of Silver allows him to form a weapon of Color around his arms, forcing a deadly duel.On top of this episode, there is an additional segment for questions that have been asked of the author. He dives into the characters, world, colors and potential adventures that lies ahead.

  • Chapter 5 : Breakable & Chapter 6 : Survive

    Chapter 5 : Breakable & Chapter 6 : Survive

    In this special two-part episode, Owin and Leigh work with Bran to enact their plan in hopes of escaping the dreadful, deadly quarry. Owin seeks for a way to retrieve his caged Color while Leigh gets swept up in the enraged wave of crazed inmates who are seeking any potential means of escape. If you have a question or comment about any character, Color, story point, theory, or any element at world itself; please submit them to Artistoriaseries@gmail.com. Those questions will be read and answered during next week's episode and you will receive a free E-book of Artistoria : Book 1 !

  • Chapter 4 : Bran

    Chapter 4 : Bran

    The enslaved pair try to convince another prisoner to help aid them in their plans, but the recruit is not so trusting. He might agree.. if Owin can best him in combat.