ChatGPT's New Senses, DALL-E 3's Visual Mastery, Amazon & Anthropic's AI Synergy, Microsoft Copilot's Ecosystem, McKinsey's AI Economy Forecast, and More

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes

ChatGPT Gains Voice and Vision: A Leap in AI Accessibility and Functionality

ChatGPT initially rolled out text-to-speech and image interpretation features for Plus and Enterprise users. While enhancing accessibility, it also raises concerns about impersonation risks. Available on iOS and Android for voice and across platforms for image capabilities.

DALL-E 3's Text-to-Image Revolution: Visual Assets at Your Fingertips

Launching in early October, DALL-E 3 offers more nuanced image generation from text prompts. Built on ChatGPT, it aims to help users quickly generate visual assets for campaigns while considering tools for AI-generated image identification.

Amazon & Anthropic's Generative AI Partnership: A $4 Billion Investment in AWS Capabilities

Amazon collabor ... 

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