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by Art of the Game

In a world where athletes are often defined by their victories and defeats, comes a podcast that delves deeper, introducing Art of the Game. Join us as we uncover these untold stories behind the jersey numbers, from triumphs to tribulations. Discover the human side of these student athletes. Art of the Game, the game of life with Arthur Hurst.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Miles and Milestones

    Miles and Milestones

    In this final episode of season 1, Ray Felton III brings joy, laughter, and words of encouragement and advice. From the track to the classroom, he wants nothing short of greatness.

  • Coach's Corner PT. 3

    Coach's Corner PT. 3

    In this final part of the miniseries, Coach Ragland discusses his music taste and plays our musical bracket challenge featuring the gold-school era of hip-hop. Also, he gives his outlook on the transfer portal and the NIL and how they impact college athletics and student-athletes.

  • Coach's Corner PT. 2

    Coach's Corner PT. 2

    In this second part, Coach Rags discusses his time playing collegiate basketball and then, on a leap of faith, moves on to coaching. He has learned plenty at each stop, from being an assistant to being a head coach and the best leader.

  • Coach's Corner PT. 1

    Coach's Corner PT. 1

    University of Evansville. Men's basketball coach David Ragland sits down on Art of the Game. In this first part, he discusses his life growing up in his hometown of Evansville. With his roots, pride, and love for his community, it seemed like he was destined to be here.

  • Far From Home

    Far From Home

    Kai Phillip sits down to discuss his love for his Trinidadian heritage, soccer, and faith. This conversation is bound to leave you with a smile.