S01 E05 - The Chimps & Monkeys of Fauna Sanctuary Need your Love! With Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold | Ep. 05

Arms Crossed by Rayane
Chimpanzees have facial expressions, experience a colorful palette of emotions, and are capable of communicating using sign language. Yet, the law fails to treat them (and other primates) as the complex beings they are! Join Rayane and scientist Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold in learning more about what it means to be truly compassionate.Support r  ...  See more
Apr 19 2023

Welcome to the Arms Cross podcast. My name is Ryan and today we are going to talk about
compassion and how to extend our compassion not only to fellow Homo sapiens but also to
other primates like chimps or monkeys. I have with me Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold. Mary Lee Jensvold
is a primate communication scientist and associate director at Fona Foundation. I invite everyone
to visit the Fona Foundation website at fonafoundation.org. You can find more details in the description
below. She has spent her career working with the signing chimpanzees, and her family. Mary
Lee is the former director of the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute at Central
Washington University. Her interests in chimpanzee sanctuaries include care, practices, behavior,
design and welfare. Her expertise is in chimpan

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