Episode 88 - Nicole Sparrow Discusses the Book of Esther!

Arizona Liberty Podcast by Neil Gunter

Episode notes

In today's episode, Nicole Sparrow joins the podcast give me insight on the story of Esther. Just as the biblical Esther stood up to protect her people and her faith, Nicole is a modern-day advocate who passionately champions her beliefs and the values. Join us as we explore both the ancient and contemporary threads of courage, conviction, and the pursuit of justice in this engaging conversation with Nicole!

Nicole Sparrow is a dedicated activist and student from Arizona. She brings a youthful passion for defending freedom and American values to every pursuit. In her early twenties, Nicole is currently pursuing her education at Colorado Christian University. She leads an activism group with Turning Point USA, proudly representing her local community in Peoria, Arizona. Nicole is also a pro-life ambassador with Let Them Live and played an  ... 

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