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A Short Introduction to Multispecies Studies and Ethnography - Claudia Câmpeanu

AnthroArt by Antropedia / Namla / Ambigrama

Episode notes
Multispecies studies is a field that was born out of the pressures generated by questioning the centrality of the human in a number of disciplines (anthropology, philosophy, history, feminist studies, ecology, art), by normalizing and extending questions and interests in ethics and power relations, and especially in the immediate, visible materiality of a world in the midst of destruction. Multispecies studies ask for a cultivation of attention as a practice of being in the world, as a purposeful and assumed immersion, a practical recognition of the multitude of relationships through which we and others—other species—semiotically and materially co-construct our worlds. A kind of ethical-ethnographic practice maybe, driven by assuming an affective relationship to other forms of living and being alive on this planet. Multispecies ethnography is nothin ...   ...  Read more
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