S01 E02 - Gundams in Stormland

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On this episode of Anime 1-A, Chris sits down with guest professor Justin Pierrot of the Gundam-inspired death metal band Stormland! Justin and Chris talk about what they are currently watching, sub vs. dub, and if Cowboy Bebop worked as a live-action adaptation. Justin then dove into his lesson plan, talking all about an anime I've wonde  ...  See more
Apr 17 2023

Okay, kids, the bell has rung and that means Anime 1A is back in session.
I am your student and host Chris Daly.
And this week's guest professor is Justin Perot.
Yeah, awesome.
Justin, how are you doing, man?
I'm good.
Thanks, Chris.
It's a pleasure to be here and it's a pleasure to speak with you about one of my favorite
Well, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself, sir?
Well, I am the multi instrumentalist behind the technical progressive death metal band
Stormland and I have a very specific lyrical theme and that is Mobile Suit Gundam.
I use that as a lens to look at war and all kinds of horrible human ugliness.
Very cool.
Well, actually, I was listening to your albums yesterday on Spotify and I'm very impressed.
That's good stuff.
I'm a real big fan.

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