Episode 12 - "The Black Couch" - Jared Weeks of Saving Abel

AltWire Podcast by Derek Oswald

Episode notes

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Join us on this episode of The Altwire Podcast as we delve into the transformative journey of Jared Weeks, frontman of Saving Abel. Shifting away from his previous lyrical themes of "blowjobs and egos," Saving Abel's new music echoes Jared's struggles with his own mental health and reflects his renewed purpose. Tune in for a heartfelt conversation on his evolution, the raw authenticity of his music, and how he hopes it may strike a chord with those grappling with similar issues. In this episode, host Derek Oswald and guest Jared Weeks discuss death, depression, and addiction in one of the most intensely personal episodes we've had to date.

jared weekssaving abeljared weeks saving abel