Episode notes

Chapter Fourteen

Tom and Reginald went to school within two years of each other, and this produced an unexpected Renaissance within the Spencer household.

It was not immediate, but it was unmistakable. Two weeks after Tom went away to All Souls, Ruth came down for breakfast.

Quentin glanced up from his newspaper, stunned. At first he thought that she might be sleepwalking; it had not happened for – what, eight years? Catherine – at Tom’s request – had been kept on as a cook, and she handled it magnificently.

“Good morning, Ruth,” she said with great imperturbability. “Are you hungry?”

“I am,” Ruth murmured, touching her throat. “I really am.”

“Two eggs,” smiled Quentin. “Eggs sunny side up. One piece of brown toast, unbuttered.”

Ruth smiled faintly and sat down. Quentin sat ... 

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