S01 E155 - S01-EP155, Alien Chronicles Fireside Chats Podcast Discussions Thingies (CLEAN LANGUAGE)

True Stories, sometimes foul, crude and disgusting, of alien anal probes. AlienAnalProbe.com™ by StockPhotosWorldwide.com
We explore as many extraterrestrial humanoid interaction reports as we can fit into roughly an hour, which purport to claim interactions with aliens from......somewhere. Maybe Mississippi. Or Oregon. Or Venus. Yeah, like that. Sort of. Or Outer Space! You never know.
Mar 19 2023

And good afternoon from Southeast Asia. It is afternoon, not evening. I don't know why we're doing afternoon, but we are.
And this is episode or volume number... I don't know. Wait, look.
Ah, 155. It's episode 155 of the new versions of the alienanoprobe.com
podcast Things Designed to Scare Girl Scouts and some other people that we don't mention.
They're easily scared. As you know, we have a collection of 9,000 reports. Some are maybe true. Some are definitely not true.
Go around the world, going back about, I was going to say 2,000 years. Actually, they go back...
I think a few of them go back farther than that, scrawled on cave walls.
And we go through them one by one, and we go through them line by line, and we look for the BS.
And speaking of BS, about the worst word that I can use the

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