Episode 8 with Todd Rose, President of Populace and Author of "The End of Average"

Published: Mar 23 2021

Todd Rose (https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-rose-94700367/), the author of one of interviewIA's biggest inspirations, "The End of Average," is also the President of Populace, a think tank dedicated to transforming how we learn, work, and live so that all people have the opportunity to live fulfilling lives in a free and thriving society. We talk about the Jaggedness and Pathways Principles from his book, as well as how the future of work needs to fundamentally change beyond just working remotely, and what all this means for inclusion.

The resulting theme for this episode: The future of work includes eradication of Fredrick Taylor's outdated principles of efficiency in business especially when used to evaluate people. Good business no longer means standardizing everything, including people. If this ever was true, it's certainly not true now.