EP8 - Connectivity in Africa - Cloud, cables & connectivity with industry leaders

Published: Dec 18 2020

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In this episode we take a deep dive into Africa’s Digital Infrastructure and why the cloud, cables and affordable connectivity are critical for pan-African growth.

Moderated by Boko Inyundo from DLA Piper this panel session recorded at Africa Tech Summit Connects also takes and a look at Ethiopia, Google Android in Africa, DLA Piper's insights across the continent and what Liquid Telecom are doing from Cape to Cairo to drive connectivity.

Featuring: Boko Inyundo (DLA Piper) Mariam Abdullahi (Google) Honourable Ahmedin Mohammed Ahmed (State Minister, ICT and Digital Transformation Sector, Government of Ethiopia) Mike Conradi (DLA Piper) Ben Roberts (Liquid Telecom)