Love n' Leary

by Marion Leary and Rebecca Love

The Love n' Leary podcast is a conversation between Marion Leary and Rebecca Love. They discuss issues that nurses wish more people in the profession would talk about.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Value and Power of Hackathons in Nursing

    The Value and Power of Hackathons in Nursing

    Hackathons have been around since the early 2000s, but it wasn't until the last decade that nurses engaged in these events in a meaningful way. In 2016, the first national Nurse Hackathon took place at Northeastern University and started a movement of nurse-led hackathons throughout the country and now globally. The Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders (SONSIEL) has been running the Nurse Hack 4 Health since 2019 in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. Other nursing schools, organizations and programs now run hackathons as well. Hackathons and other innovation events are so important because studies have shown that exposure to, attendance at, and offerings of these types of events increases a nurse's innovativeness and confidence (see references below). The next in-person mini NH4H will occur at the SONSIEL THiNC conference on June 8, 2024. In addition, applications are now open for the NH4H Pitch-a-Thon, which will occur virtually in October 2024. Teams will have a chance to win up to $150K. The Nursing Beat is the media sponsor of THiNC 2024. The NH4H is presented by SONSIEL, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. Supported by All In Wellbeing for Healthcare and J&J Foundation. References: The Nursing Beat Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Hackathons Nurse Hack 4 Health Evolution of Nurse-Led Hackathons, Incubators, and Accelerators from an Innovation Ecosystem Perspective Nurses' confidence in starting a new venture, startup or project in the context of nurse-led hackathons: Results of prehackathon survey Getting Nursing Students Involved in ‘Hackathons’ Determining the Innovativeness of Nurses Leary Dissertation Defense: Examining the Characteristics That Support a Nurse's Innovativeness:

  • Nursing is STEM

    Nursing is STEM

    The Nursing is STEM Coalition was launched to encourage the Department of Homeland Security, the National Science Foundation, and others to recognize nursing as a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) designed field. The Department of Homeland Security, the National Science Foundation and others do not recognize nursing as a STEM field. This coalition aims to bridge the gap between nursing and STEM disciplines, recognizing the pivotal role nurses play in healthcare innovation, research, and technological advancement. The designation of nursing as a STEM profession is essential for ensuring equitable access to education, research, funding and career opportunities. CALL TO ACTION: We need individuals, organizations, universities/colleges, and health systems to join the hashtag#nursingisstem coalition. Please sign on to the coalition on our website (it takes about a 1-minute or less): For more information about the Nursing is STEM Coalition and how to get involved, please visit to learn more and to add your signature to the Coalition. About Nursing is STEM Coalition: The Nursing is STEM Coalition is dedicated to empowering nurses in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Through educational programs, mentorship initiatives, and advocacy efforts, the initiative aims to bridge the gap between nursing and STEM disciplines, equipping nurses with the skills and knowledge to drive innovation in healthcare. References: Nursing Science as a Federally-recognized STEM Degree (@Caitlin Dreisbach, Michelle Lynn Wright, PhD, RN, FAAN, Rae Walker, Ha Do Byon, Jessica Keim Malpass, 2022) Should Nursing be Recognised as a STEM Profession (Joelle Jean, 2023) Should Nursing Be Considered a STEM Profession (Cheryl Green & Lori John, 2020) Nursing Should be a STEM Discipline (Professor Daniel B. Oerther, BCEE/S, DLAAS, FAAN(h), 2018) Philadelphia Inquirer:

  • Why We Need Nurses in the Media

    Why We Need Nurses in the Media

    There is nothing more important to the health and public health of our world than nurses using their voice, knowledge, and expertise to communicate reliable, fact-based information in the media. The speed at which health information is communicated is like nothing we have seen in the past; with social media and our 24-hour news cycle, we need expert nursing voices now more important than ever. But – even though nurses are considered the most trusted profession, again, for the 22nd year in a row, the field of nursing is rarely recognized by the public, journalists, or even social media sites as subject matter experts. This is why I am so excited to announce that The Nursing Beat is now the exclusive media partner of the Love n’ Leary podcast. The Nursing Beat is an online news site for nurses, by nurses, that includes short daily rundowns of the most important news and information impacting nurses. This partnership is so important because as nurses we have a critical role to play in how the media reports on health issues and public health policy and on what messages the public and policy makers receive. On this episode, we discuss why we need nurses in the media. We have this conversation with our first special guest, Barbara Glickstein, a public health nurse, health reporter, and media strategist. She talked with us about why nursing is so underrepresented in the media, how nurses can be more engaged with the journalists, and tips on how to become media competent. References The Nursing Beat: The Woodhull Study Revisited here: Barbara Glickstein Strategies: Verified: Nurse Media Influencers: The Critical Need to Verify Nurses as Social Media Influencers: HealthCetera: Imposter Syndrome Is A Scheme: Reshma Saujani’s Smith College Commencement Address:

  • A Healthy Democracy Needs Civically Engaged Nurses

    A Healthy Democracy Needs Civically Engaged Nurses

    Rebecca Love and Marion Leary talk about why it is vitally important for nurses to vote and be civically engaged. They discuss their fears for the upcoming 2024 Presidential election, why they strongly oppose a Trump presidency, and some of the troubling policies Trump has laid out in his Project 2025 plan ( References: A Health Democracy Needs Voting Nurses, By Stacey Bevan, American Nurse (Yes, and...): Voters don’t have a clue about how much worse Trump’s second term would be. By Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer Joe Biden's Last Campaign. By Evan Osnos, The New Yorker: Resources: Register to vote: Check out Vot-ER: Check out Healing Politics: Support Nursing Candidates: Bethany for Delaware: Underwood for Congress: Cory Bush US Congress: Tarik for PA: Martin Niemeller Quote:

  • Gen Z and the Nursing Workforce Quandary

    Gen Z and the Nursing Workforce Quandary

    Rebecca Love and Marion Leary discuss a LinkedIn post about a Business Insider article entitled: Gen Z faces more pressure at work than previous generations because technology has eliminated work-life boundaries ( and how that is affecting the nursing workforce. Read Marion's article on Teaching and Managing Gen Z with Empathy: