S01 E27 - Episode 27 - Hector Navarro (Heroes Reforged! Nerdist News!)

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold
In this episode, Brian T. Arnold has a 39-minute conversation with host, actor, and comedian Hector Navarro (Heroes Reforged! Nerdist News!) Listen to us talk about our time studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Hector's etiquette for approaching celebrities, how he turned his passion into his career, dealing with hateful, rac  ...  See more
May 09 2023

Welcome to 39-minute conversations.
Please wait for your host to begin this meeting.
Your meeting is now being recorded.
Okay, can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Are you there?
Yes, you are.
What's up?
What's up, man?
Good to see you.
Holy crap.
I just had a moment of like, it's been so long.
I saw you pop on and I was like, ah, this has been way too long.
It has been way too long.
Thank you, my friend.
Thank you so much, Brian, for asking me to do this.
This is so great.
And more importantly, it is great to see you and hopefully we can hang out soon longer
than 39 minutes.
I would love that.
But before we can even get into this conversation, I do have to get through a quick ad read.
I hope you have.
Of course.
Of course.
And then I'll intro you and we'll do this thing.
This week's episode o

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