The Mega Episode of Many Missed Matters [#154]

The Switch Clicks Podcast by The Switch Clicks

Episode notes

As the second last episode of the podcast, we wanted to cover topics that we either missed or really wanted to talk about. Topics include TOTK DLC, Amiibo, The Next Nintendo Console, Complaining about Pokémon (again) and MUCH More.


0:00 Intro

2:53 Games We Never Got to Discuss

19:53 Movies and the MCU

30:25 Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom DLC

33:26 Gaming Marketing and Expectations

41:23 Current State of Nintendo Mobile Games

50:36 Quality vs Quantity of Pokémon Spinoffs

53:53 The Future of Amiibo and Toys to Life

1:10:10 The Importance of Backwards Compatibility

1:14:49 The Legacy of NSO 99 Games

1:18:55 Nintendo's Next Console (Nintendo Switch 2)

1:29:35 If Pokémon Had a Gacha Game

1:35:06 Outro

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