Episodi del podcast

  • E36 - #36 - Who Is Elon Musk?

    E36 - #36 - Who Is Elon Musk?Esplicito

    This week, due to the unauthorised absence of one Timothy ‘Turkey’ Brewer, Sam and Jack have had to seriously scramble around to search high and low for some emergency content; in the attic, under the sofa cushions, behind the bed...

  • E35 - #35 - Anti-gravity Strikes Back

    E35 - #35 - Anti-gravity Strikes BackEsplicito

    Another hellish parallel universe episode!!! How depressing and terrifying would it be to live on a planet where you are forced to exist with the constant and all-consuming fear that at any point in the year, for one day only, as ...

  • E34 - #34 - Rock and Roll WiHLE

    E34 - #34 - Rock and Roll WiHLEEsplicito

    Imagine a world where the only way to live is to Rock and to Roll. Imagine what it felt like to be an old-school Rockstar. Imagine wearing a leotard and competing in athletic dance competitions - wait! what? This week the WiHLE bo...

  • E33 - #33 - Man-sized Man v Man-sized Chilli?

    E33 - #33 - Man-sized Man v Man-sized Chilli?Esplicito

    Back at ya with another half hour of nonsense - this week we take the humble vegetable and transform it into a horrific human sized beast. There is surely only one question which can then be asked, can you defeat it in hand to han...

  • E32 - #32 - Amsterdam Special

    E32 - #32 - Amsterdam SpecialEsplicito

    Hello everyone, we're back after an accidental mid season break! The WiHLE boys have been on tour, to Amsterdam of all places and to mark the occasion we thought we'd record a good old three question special. Enjoy heated discussi...