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di Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel

Welcome to Tranos and the Lived Experience! A podcast confronting current events, politics, comedy, and calamity from the perspective of a Trans Titaness. She’s a verbal black belt, skilled in the Roast arts! The "Hell Mouth", "Doom Sayer." C.E.O. of the Amazon Position! Here’s your host, Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel... 

Episodi del podcast

  • Roe v. WAKE YO ASS UP

    Roe v. WAKE YO ASS UP

    TW: PRETTY MILD CRITICISM OF THE INSTITUTION OF WHITENESS AND ITS FANSTranos is tired. The response to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion that the court should overturn Roe v. Wade was obvious, underwhelming and an...

  • Disrespectful


    This week, Tranos details the disrespect she experiences as a Black trans woman when she moves through the world. Whether she’s ignored when she expects to be engaged with, objectified when she expects to be treated like an equal ...

  • Point of Reference

    Point of Reference

    Felicia Rose joins Tranos to talk about harmful portrayals of trans people. There’s a lot of ground to cover with this topic is all. They talk about Kamryn’s first exposure to trans panic in “What’s Opera, Doc?” and Kamryn almost ...

  • Rep Yo Set (Non-Canonically Speaking)

    Rep Yo Set (Non-Canonically Speaking)Esplicito

    This week on Tranos & the Lived Experience, producer Bee returns to take fiction extra seriously. Kamryn and Bee chat about found and hand-made trans representation in media. They talk about characters and figures who speak to...

  • Team Dead Inside: The Neglectacon Saga

    Team Dead Inside: The Neglectacon Saga

    Kamryn, Andrew and Tracy convene to tell us all about growing up with a total lack of adult supervision. Together, they are The Neglectacons!The Neglectacons play Knifey-Spooney, teach us nasty Rochester geography and recount Kamr...