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A Fantasy Football Podcast from the experts at Top Shelf Fantasy. Just a couple of guys who enjoy trying out new craft beers each episode and providing their knowledge on fantasy football. We will have shotgun bets throughout the season so make sure you listen for weekly bets and punishments. Visit our website at and follow us on Twitter @TopShelfFNTSY. Cheers!

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  • NFL Rookie Mock Draft 1.0

    NFL Rookie Mock Draft 1.0

    The NFL Rookie Draft is less than a week away and we wanted to get in to the first round of the draft. We have a guest this week and it was good to get three of us together and actually talk out each pick and why it makes sense for each NFL team. I am sure our mock will go exactly the way the actual draft goes....even if not, it is always fun to try and predict the landing spots!

  • Free Agency Winners & Losers - Teams

    Free Agency Winners & Losers - Teams

    This week, we catch up on some news and rumors as we are nearing the NFL draft. Of course we discuss the massive Stefon Diggs trade and what that means for the teams and all players in fantasy. We all compiled a list of NFL teams that have either won or lost in free agency. Yay!

  • Fantasy Rookie Mock Draft

    Fantasy Rookie Mock Draft

    With not much news to go over at this point, we decided to do a rookie mock draft. The NFL draft has not happened yet, but this was a good exercise to see how some people view these rookies. We were able to get 12 people to help us with this mock draft which was great!

  • 2024 NFL Free Agency

    2024 NFL Free Agency

    As soon as the free agency opened up, we saw some big names change teams right away. We want to go through and talk about the signings we have seen so far through the NFL and what that means for the player in fantasy going forward.

  • Offseason Dynasty Talk

    Offseason Dynasty Talk

    Scott is solo in this one, but he goes over some news around the league and dives in to what we should view dynasty as at this point in time. What should you do after a dynasty draft and how you should should view the offseason in dynasty league? Do you want to trade right now in dynasty? Give this a listen and I will tell you the patience you need to run a dynasty league.