Note sull'episodio
Kids getting hurt is funny. We messed up our last episode but we will release it as a bonus boner. Why we don’t do (too many) dr*gs anymore. Aaron is going to be a dad (eventually). Felicia can’t drink or she goes to sleep. Alove is going on a w33d break, wish him luck. Halloween 2010 was the best. Telephone scatalogia. Horror movie recommendations. Felicia doesn’t smoke much anymore and she gets RIPPED now. We’re all just a little speck. Google searches for “am I gay?” are up 1300%. Felicia cancels Aaron. Felicia went live for 5 entire hours. She couldn’t walk after. Felicia’s vitamin water bottle sales. Sign up to our patreon. Find us on Twitter and IG at thescrewnyc
Parole chiave
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