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HUMAN BEINGS : BEING HUMAN Here is where we will converse with humans who have an authentic story they are not afraid to tell. Focused on but not limited to living naturally, authentically, intuitively and helping to uncover one’s most authentic self. Enjoy : ) Reyn Studios has evolved, offering you a wide range of online tools, tips and destination experiences to hold space in your life to inspire change, tune up or a hard r ...   ...  Leggi dettagli

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  • 20 - Julie Piatt

    20 - Julie Piatt

    Julie Piatt and Rich Roll changed my life. We call her Aunti Sri here in our Rebearth Community. Julie Piatt is a chosen Wise Elder who guides us through the ancient art of Sharing Story. Julie is our guest today here on the pod and wow, is this conversation intense, tearful, and enlightening. Julie is so many things, a Mystic, Sage, Mother, Artist, Chef, Creative, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Architect, Sculptor, Painter, Singer, Songwriter, the list goes on. She has her own podcast, where she drops nuggets of wisdom and leads into her Spiritual Community, Water Tiger. Links to some of the magic: Her website SriMu Rich Roll Damanhur Instagram Today is Julie’s Birthday. Sending you so much love and gratitude on this Divine day. Aunti Sri believes in us all. Thank you for believing in us and for all that you do for our world and the multiverse ; ) Let it be so, Reyn

  • 19 - Rebearth 2: First Bleed and Fluid Dream

    19 - Rebearth 2: First Bleed and Fluid Dream

    Here in the Rebearth Series, Phase 2, I am joined again by Garbriella, one of my earliest clients in the Rebearth program. She and I discuss the second phase of the program which is the Coming of Age physiological milestones in the lives of human beings; the First Bleed for Women and the Fist Fluid Dream for Men. We know this can be a bit uncomfortable of a topic, so pop your headphones in and talk a walk with me and Gabriella, as we discuss many of the things and feels that come up while getting curious about how this time in our lives has affected and imprinted upon us; as individuals, families, communities, societies and even globally. Show notes & Links: Mindfultarian. This means eating locally, smaller farms, getting to know our farmers, paying what it costs to grow or raise food in truth. This means eating more plants, grains, legumes, learning to soak them, process them throughout the week, growing our own herbs to reconnect with the rhythms of life. When we choose to eat creature, we eat creatures that have lived a life worth living, that have been fed nourishing foods that support their biology and well-being, that have been cared for with respect and reverence and that have been brought to their end of life journey in a mindful, respectful way. Article on Red & White Moon Dr. Schultze Cleanse Caya Contraception Fertility Awareness Project Old School Fertility Awareness Techniques Rebearth Flush & Juice: 1 day juice flush, where instead of any solid food, you simply allow the body to receive its nutrients through juice. You can find a juicing store near you or make them yourself. And if you don't have a juicer, you can simply blend and drink smoothie versions and water. *all organic please* Please lead into your juice flush day, with two full days of raw fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, gently cooked legumes, prior to embarking on your pure juice cleanse day. 3)16oz green juices: romaine, parsley, cucumber, kale or spinach, apple, lemon 1) nut milk 16oz: almond, cashew, oat with vanilla 1) 16oz: lemon juice, cayenne pepper, turmeric, black pepper, honey, Spirulina 8) 8oz of purified water The juice fasting is a hard reset to the bodymind. Ideally, for the next 4 weeks you will incorporate one day of juice fasting each week. Pure magic comes from this sort of physical purification and of course it manifests the purification in the mental and emotional realms as well.

  • 18 - Rebearth 1: Your Own Birth Story

    18 - Rebearth 1: Your Own Birth Story

    Rebearth Series Phase 1: Your own Birth Story Gabriella La Rocca is one of my early Rebearth Clients, she is here to help us understand the work of Rebearth, how the process unfolds and accounts of her real life, real time, major shifts and changes that have occurred in her life as a result of doing this work. Gabriella and I discuss Phase 1 of the Rebearth program, which is diving into our Own Birth Story. How we were born affects who we are today and how we perceive the world. It is through the work of Rebearth that we come to understand so much about life, and how we want to show up in it, for ourselves and for others, each and every day. This is the first of a 6 part series where we will explore each of the Milestones of Rebearth. Anyone wondering what the Rebearth Program is all about; this is Phase 1. Anyone who is in the program, or has already done the program or toying with the idea of doing the program... this is for you. This is for any human who has been born. Let it be so, Reyn & Gabriella

  • 17 - Erika Nolan

    17 - Erika Nolan

    Today we have Erika Nolan on the Pod. Wow. This conversation was just sensational. In this episode, Erika and I rediscover the magic of life through the power of plants, birth, death and everything in between. Erika shares the power of stepping into one’s truth by releasing fear, as these were her ultimate steps to becoming a radical success as a truth seeking, homesteading entrepreneur. It is with extreme delight that I share today that Erika and her Husband Emory and their daughter Ceci will be moving to a property of their dreams ~ just announced yesterday!! Congratulations my dear friend, and here’s to new beginnings and living a life you wholly believe in. Please enjoy my conversation with the sensational, inspirational, Garden Goddess herself ~ Erika Nolan. Find her on Instagram @InstarGardens

  • 16 - Nathalie Croix

    16 - Nathalie Croix

    Nathalie is a dear teacher of mine, a Divine Feminine Yogic light in so many of our lives. Nathalie grew up between Paris and Brazil and fell in love with ashram life at a very young age, thus sewing her seeds of spirituality deeply by age 9. Her Devotion to spirituality brought her to Mysore, India where she was taught by one of modern yoga’s most influential teachers, Pattabhi Jois. Nathalie also is a podcast host, The Life On Earth Podcast where she has held some amazing conversations. Two of my favorites which we reference in our conversation; Spiritual guide, yogi, sage and entrepreneur Julie Piatt and world renowned yoga teacher, Annie Carpenter. Nathalie and I talk yoga, birth, death and everything in between. Nathalie is a beautiful soul, dedicated to the practice and teachings of yoga and ultimately Nature. Nathalie has written 3 books, leads online and in person yoga in Covington, Louisiana. Please enjoy my conversation with my dear friend, teacher, sage-mystic, Nathalie Croix, ~ Reyn Please enjoy the wisdom and grace of my dear friendtor, Nathalie Croix Links for your viewing pleasure: Nathalie's website: Nathalie's Life on Earth podcast: or Life on Earth Episode with Julie Piatt: Life on Earth Episode with Annie Carpenter: Nathalie's books: