The History of China

di Eric Andresen

Dorm Room History's Eric Andresen brings a new look to the history of China. A weekly show that traces China from the beginning to modern times.

Episodi del podcast

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  • 062 - The End

    062 - The End

    The Han is finally ending, once and for all. And with that, I have told the story I set out to tell

  • 061 - The Yellow Turban Rebellion

    061 - The Yellow Turban Rebellion

    After literally years, we have reached the penultimate episode for the Han Dynasty. The yellow turban rebellion is here, and with it, the end of the Han. Things are not as simple as they may seem, though, and what truly brings it all down is what we have spent the last 10 episodes dealing with. The Han dug a grave, but finally...they are laying in it

  • 060 - Power to the People

    060 - Power to the People

    Rome meets China (officially), and the Eunuchs take over. That's one heck of a sentence, but the people have finally had enough. It seems they (rightfully) have decided the emperor has lost the Mandate of Heaven

  • 059 - Peak Liang Ji

    059 - Peak Liang Ji

    Like Darth Vader finally being put into his suit, Liang Ji has reached his final form. His scheming worked, and it was continuing to work...all at the expense of honest government. Will he be stopped? Can he be stopped? Be sure to rate the show 5 stars and give it a follow!

  • 058 - Liang Ji and the Child Emperors

    058 - Liang Ji and the Child Emperors

    Happy Holidays to all, but it won't be happy if you are in Liang J's way. One of the best villains we have seen so far is here. All that, and more