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My Name is Cameron Tracewell, I'm a college kid just wanting to talk about different types of sports on my podcast, It's an opinion-based podcast on what I think should happen in sports

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  • Stagione 3

  • The Countdown Playoffs are here

    The Countdown Playoffs are here

    Hunter and I discuss our favorite matchups going into the NHL and NBA playoffs and have a serious heated discussion

  • NHL and NBA Playoff Talk

    NHL and NBA Playoff Talk

    We are back with a fun time of year we talk about the Masters winner Scottie Scheffler. Then discuss playoff predictions NHL and NBA. Then a little information about The Countdown

  • WrestleMania&more!!


    Welcome to the First Episode of The Countdown on this channel. Now this podcast will be joining in as a series as we will debate some good sports topics!

  • Caitlin Clark

    Caitlin Clark

    The greatest college basketball player is heading to the pros. Thank you can't wait to see the future



    The Masters are here and we all know who needs to win it Tiger! However, can he get it done we will find out. A little talk about Caitlin Clark and Iowa plus coverage on the mens tournament