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Have you always wanted to understand more about the Native American population, past and present? This channel will provide weekly videos about American Indian history, politics, and other contemporary issues designed for people of all backgrounds and levels of awareness. While Sovereign Stories is no replacement for engaging with an Indigenous community or pursuing a degree in American Indian Studies, the channel's goal is t ...   ...  Leggi dettagli

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  • Ep #3-Tribal Independence: Pre-Columbus to 1787

    Ep #3-Tribal Independence: Pre-Columbus to 1787

    What did "America" look like pre-colonization? And how did the early colonization impact peoples there? Here we talk about Pre-Columbus history until 1787 and what events drastically impacted Native American tribes as well as others.

  • Ep #2-Tribal Nations Today: An Overview

    Ep #2-Tribal Nations Today: An Overview

    Here we discuss what it means to be Native American and touch on the reality that tribes are legally considered sovereign nations. We talk about Othering, colonization, and issues of race which complicate the Native American identity. We also talk a little about how so many Americans claim to be Native - whether or not they can prove it.

  • Ep #1-Intro to American Indian Studies

    Ep #1-Intro to American Indian Studies

    Welcome to Sovereign Stories! Listen in as we discuss why we created this channel and why American Indian Studies is such an important topic. Then join us next week for a look at tribal nations today.