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Welcome to Everybody Needs a Spotter Podcast. In this relaxed setting, your hosts Robert, Steve, Steven, and Emily will share their tips, their knowledge, and their experience in all things about Gyms and Fitness Centers. These four Fitness Enthusiasts have been building and maintaining gyms all over for the past 26 years. Here is where they will breakdown the Do's and Dont's of the gym building process, how to continue m ... 

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  • Check Your Connection

    Check Your Connection

    RMS Fitness team members Steve, Emily, and Steven gather to chat about CONNECTED FITNESS. What is it? You may already feature this at your property, or you may be looking into it, but either way connected fitness can play a big role in helping your gym POP! Making the wrong moves could turn your POP, to a FLOP though! Join the team as they discuss the "Do's and Don'ts" of connected fitness, how to best apply tech in the gym, and what to look out for when adding these kinds of machines. Email us at podcast@rmsfitness.com if you would like to hear a specific topic or even join us as a guest on a future episode!

  • Live from AB Show 2023

    Live from AB Show 2023

    Join the team for a special episode of ENAS recorded LIVE at the Athletic Business Show in Baltimore MD. The team talks about the sights and sounds of our first tradeshow as exhibitors! While recording, we were joined by Joe Ellis, CEO of Chisel Fit to discuss a great NEW product that we had a chance to use. We are also joined by our local neighbors from Vortex Strength to discuss new products as well! This one was special. We made some new friend and connected with some old as well! Give us a listen, and let us know what you think! If there is something you want the team to discuss, email us at pocast@rmsfitness.com . Visit us online at www.rmsfitness.com

  • Show and Tell

    Show and Tell

    Grab your coffee and join the team at RMS Fitness for a little show and tell. The new RMS HQ is fully open and ready to welcome guests. On the episode today, we talk about some of our partners and why they are great choices for any space. We also discuss our unique COMMERCIAL SHOWROOM newly opened this year. Come by and see it yourself if you can, but at the very least, give this episode a listen to learn more about what we have created and how it can help our regional partners to succeed! As always, email us a podcast@rmsfitness.com with any inquiries, opportunities, feedback, or topics of discussion!

  • Refreshing Reworks -vs- Repetitive Replacements

    Refreshing Reworks -vs- Repetitive Replacements

    Gather round the table with the RMS Fitness family, as we unwind at the end of another week, and chat all things #multifamily #fitness. When budgets hit. knowing what you need is tricky! We believe that before a client spends money on new equipment, that we need to look at their space as a whole, so we can make the right recommendations. That way, we are always moving your space forward, so you never fall behind. www.rmsfitness.com to contact us about opportunities, and if you have a subject you recommend we discuss, email us at podcast@rmsfitness.com

  • The Spaces In Between

    The Spaces In Between

    The team is back for another weekly chat about multifamily fitness. Working with RMS Fitness will take you a long way. But your team can make a big impact on the space with just a few minutes each week. What you do BETWEEN our visits can provide big results. Tune in this week for some guidance on things you can do as an onsite team to improve the overall impact of your fitness amenity. http://www.rmsfitness.com to contact us about opportunities. mailto:podcast@rmsfitness.com if you would like to suggest a topic for the team to discuss.