RedAss Podcast

di Robert White

Roy and Rob set out to discuss Aggie sports, BBQ, movies, life experiences, yell boy stories, music, food, faith, and everything in between! Ride along with us and we'll show you exactly what it means to be Redass!

Episodi del podcast

  • Stagione 4

  • S4 E34: Driver's Seat

    S4 E34: Driver's Seat

    Rob and Roy highlight the first round of action at the CWS as well as the entertainment around Aggieland this past weekend!

  • S4 E33: Ags in Omaha

    S4 E33: Ags in Omaha

    Rob and Roy break down the super regional weekend and upcoming matchups in the College World Series!

  • S4 E32: Feeling Super

    S4 E32: Feeling Super

    Rob and Roy wrap up the softball season while looking ahead to Super Regionals, also catching up on the last few weeks of events!

  • S4 E31: Rain, Rain, Go Away

    S4 E31: Rain, Rain, Go Away

    Rob and Roy talk baseball struggles, softball postseason, BBQ, and a logo.

  • S4 E30: Rebels and Rain

    S4 E30: Rebels and Rain

    Rob and Roy talk the diamonds from the past weekend, weather, music, and hot dogs!