Area Talk: Episode 10 with Cameron Deggin | Golden Horn / "Little Bosphorus"

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In this episode of Straight Talk Cameron Deggin and Alaattin Kilic talk about the revitalization efforts for Halic a.k.a The Golden Horn. From now on, our experts named the Golden Horn as “The Little Bosphorus” because of it’s resemblance to Bosphorus. An extremely important water inlet, The Golden Horn has played an important role in the development of Istanbul(prev. Constantinople). However, from the second half of the 20th century onwards the area’s importance declined due to the unorganized urbanization, Industrial pollution and negligence. In the wake of the 21st century the authorities recognized the need for revitalization and preservation of the historic artifacts to restore the former glory of the Golden Horn. Within this scope, 2 legged transformation plan was put in place. 1st leg of transforming the banks of the Golden Horn is almost com ...   ...  Leggi dettagli
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