*EMERGENCY POD* with Cameron Deggin | Citizenship Threshold to Be Raised to $400.000

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Note sull'episodio

In this episode Alaattin and Cameron break down the move by the Turkish government to raise the threshold to acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. That is the amount that foreigners have to pay for a property and commit to keeping it for at least three years to get a Turkish passport. The level is proposed to be increased from $250.000 to $400.000.

  1. (00:00) Introduction

  2. (00:20) Breaking News Announcement

  3. (00:45) Instant Reaction

  4. (01:30) What Are the Reasons Behind the Government's Decision?

  5. (04:00) Is This Increase Unreasonable?

  6. (04:45) Frequent Questions and Concerns

  7. (06:30) When Will This Change Go Into Effect?

  8. (09:00) How Will This Effect Current Reservations & Pending Transactions?

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