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di Ryan Tolman and William Robinson

Listen as your hosts Ryan Tolman and William Robinson help you navigate the exciting world of the fastest sport on the planet. You will learn everything you need to know about volleyball and all of its moving parts. Watch on YouTube! Find us on Instagram @pin2pinpodcast

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  • To Volleyball With Love

    To Volleyball With Love

    Join Robinson and Tolman as they discuss the topic of LOVE with special guest Anna Morse. Anna played at Aspire Volleyball Club for Tolman back in the day and went on to play college volleyball at Villanova. Anna's approach to volleyball, as a player and a now a coach, centers around love. She loves the sport, she loves her teammates and she loves the players she now coaches. After listening to her story, we are convinced you will love her too!

  • Don't Forget the Volleyballs!

    Don't Forget the Volleyballs!

    This episode is for all you travel people out there. Robinson and Tolman dive in to the world of travel club volleyball and all the highlights and lowlights that make up those gnarly little three day trips. Whether it's to Vegas or Fort Lauderdale, there are always surprises! If you are a parent, player or coach, you will find some interesting tips and some dos and don'ts of the club volleyball travel world!

  • Preslie Anderson in the HOUSE!

    Preslie Anderson in the HOUSE!

    This one is pure GOLD! ASU assistant coach Preslie Anderson joins Tolman and Robinson to talk all things volleyball. you will learn about her journey through the volleyball world and how she has been so successful. She even weighs in on the feedback conversation from the previous episode.

  • Can I get a hand? The art of feedback

    Can I get a hand? The art of feedback

    In this episode, Tolman and Robinson discuss the art of feedback. When is it too much? When should be give more? What kind of feedback is important? It is a who, what, when, where and how of the coaching feedback. The guys disagree a little on this one, so you won't want to miss this spirited discussion, especially if you are a coach! Lots of tidbits of information in there to help guide and create better feedback.

  • What the heck ref?

    What the heck ref?

    Listen in as Danger and Tolman talk about rules. With the announcement from the NCAA rules committee that you can now double the second contact things are gonna get interesting. We also welcome our new producer Kris Maglunog to the team!