PharmaLedger Association – Platform Launch Lessons Learned and Outlook

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Note sull'episodio
PharmaLedger Association – Platform Launch Lessons Learned and OutlookNatalia Sofia | Web3 AdvocateDaniel Fritz | Executive Director, PharmaLedgerDisa Lee Choun | Head of Integrated Clinical and Operational Analytics, Janssen PharmaceuticalsAnca Petre | CEO, Medrise Studio ModeratorDescription This panel will explore the application of blockchain technology within the healthcare sector, focusing on its potential to enhance trust, transparency, and connectivity while reinforcing patient-centered control of data access. The discussion will examine the opportunities for patient empowerment and improved patient access to healthcare information through decentralized ledger technology. The panel will feature industry experts who will provide insights into current trends, challenges, and future prospects o ...   ...  Leggi dettagli