Distributed Manufacturing in Medicine

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Note sull'episodio
Distributed Manufacturing in MedicineNick Lambert | CEO, Dock LabsJim Nasr | CEO, Acoer ModeratorThe conversation pivots around what is actually working now in the blockchain in healthcare field including:
  • Current trends in DIDs…what’s working, what’s not
    • Usability and wallets
    • Blockchain for medicine – is it helping decrease counterfeit medicine production?
    • Decentralization, collaboration, and efficiency
    • Advantages & disadvantages on decentralizing Pharma manufacturing
    • Implications of collaborations, cross-border transactions for blockchain-enabled transactions and impact of immutability
    • Interoperability, scalability, and economic viability for life sciences
    • Regulation and the implications in life sciences
    • Tokenization & Web 3 trends
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