Our First Time At Forty

di Nicholas & Laura

The story in which two grown adults embark on their very first foray into home ownership in Los Angeles. This is as scary as it gets. Our First Time At Forty. 

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  • S02 E05 - Episode 205

    S02 E05 - Episode 205

    A Plateau! We're moved in enough to live our lives, but we're also waiting for already purchased furniture and materials to arrive so we can begin some exciting new projects. Meanwhile, we take the time to discuss all things fecal...

  • S02 E04 - Episode 204

    S02 E04 - Episode 204

    Voices Raised! We take two sides on an extremely frustrating issue: why contractors can't keep a calendar. As we wait for our contractor to follow through, Laura attempts to explain why we're experiencing radio silence. Nicholas i...

  • S02 E03 - Episode 203

    S02 E03 - Episode 203

    We're Back! After a regrettable week off, we make our return and vow to keep the momentum going in the face of a daunting wall of suburban malaise. (That may be a little overdramatic.) This week, we discuss our plumbing woes, the ...

  • S02 E02 - Episode 202

    S02 E02 - Episode 202

    It's a rough week. We've had our most "Money Pit" moment yet. And yet, we struggle to keep things interesting. Home Ownership is turning out to be a sea of mundane troubleshooting. For a 'wires exposed' look at two people struggli...

  • S02 E01 - Episode 201

    S02 E01 - Episode 201

    New Season! Welcome to OFTAF: Home Ownership! This week, we've been sidelined by injuries, a solid dose of The Money Pit-itis and are sure we know how to manage financial planning with our new mortgage. Meanwhile, we discover that...