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We're all going through something. Join me as I explore various "Ok, And?" moments. Together we’ll bridge the gap between human isolation & connection. Remember the difference between the promise and the promised land, is the process.

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    Welcome back. I hope you all enjoy the powerful episode. Thank you Sherrye for stopping by. Be prepared to listen and learn. And if you watch this on YouTube, I see my eyelash now, stay focused on the message! In this conversation, Sherrye Player-Tucker shares her spiritual journey and the changes she has experienced in her relationship with God. She discusses her struggles with finding her place in the church and exploring other spiritual practices. Sherrye talks about her surrender to God and the transformative experience of being visited by the Holy Spirit. She emphasizes the importance of seeking holiness and aligning her life with God's will. Sherrye also touches on the impact of her spiritual journey on her friendships and her approach to sharing her beliefs on social media. In this conversation, Sherrye Player-Tucker shares her journey of rediscovering her faith and finding joy in her relationship with God. She discusses the importance of separating the actions of individuals from the message of God, and the need to overcome offense and embrace correction. Sherrye also highlights the significance of personal encounters with God outside of traditional church settings and the power of surrendering to His plan. She emphasizes the importance of sharing personal stories of faith and encourages others to seek a deeper connection with God. Watch full episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bGyFeDcu6nY 03:06 Checking In: Sherrye's Spiritual Journey 12:24 Surrendering to God and Being Visited by the Holy Spirit 26:27 Friendships and Faith: Navigating Relationships 30:51 Dealing with Challenges in the Church 32:35 Separating the Actions from the Message 36:26 Finding God Outside the Church Walls 43:39 Surrendering to God's Plan and Timing 53:28 The Power of Sharing Personal Stories of Faith



    Come with me and my guest Karen Spicer as she shares her experiences working in Atlanta and the impact of the pandemic on our lives. She emphasizes the importance of knowing your worth and setting boundaries as an entrepreneur and some of the greatest moments she has had with Spicer Studios, her multimedia company.

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    Join me and my returning guest, Bri on our adventure topic, sex. Yes. we are exploring our relationship with the subject. Happy Valentine's Day! Drop a review on all streaming platforms and make sure to like, subscribe, and share! WATCH FULL EPISODE https://youtube.com/@okandthepodcast?si=coeMWXxUFeFeWFkF Chapters 00:00Introduction and CES Experience 06:12Losing Virginity and Relationship with Sex 15:14Growing into Sexuality and BDSM Community 25:20Importance of Communication and Sexual Exploration 35:32Men's Role in Sexual Communication 40:21Opinions on Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop 43:13Exploring Sexual Horizons 45:10Empowerment and Playfulness 47:44Sex Education in School 52:24The Impact of Limited Sex Education 56:11Periods and Women's Health 57:41Decisions about Parenthood and Menstruation 58:39The Importance of Comprehensive Sex Education



    Welcome to Season four, yall. Join me and my special guest Quené Forée. We discuss Quené's journey and transformation during the pandemic, the concept of money as energy, and the importance of building a spiritually lit community. We explore the concept of manifestation as a balance between intention, action, trust, and surrender. GET READY TO HAVE SOME FUN! Purchase SPIRITUALLY LIT https://www.amazon.com/s?k=spiritually+lit&crid=1GYU3YOPGK398&sprefix=spiritually+lit%2Caps%2C260&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 and follow @QuenéForée via IG!!

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    Join me and Dr. L as we recap our social and personal highlights of 2023, and what we look forward to in 2024.