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The MSHSAA All Access Podcast is an informative and educational podcast that will discuss current news and topics which concern interscholastic activities from around the state. Get a play-by-play on everything from Championships down to insight for Rules Changes and upcoming membership voting. Be sure to check out the MSHSAA All Access Podcast and be a part of the conversation.

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  • 2024 Annual Ballot

    2024 Annual Ballot

    It's time to vote! The 2024 MSHSAA Annual Ballot is now available for schools to submit their votes during our governance period of our the year. There are many topics being presented to our member schools to consider, find out what is on the horizon for the association and what changes are being considered as we prepare for the 2024-2025 school year.

  • MSHSAA Championship Review: Wrestling Championships

    MSHSAA Championship Review: Wrestling Championships

    In this podcast episode we reminisce over the 2024 MSHSAA Wrestling Championships. Dr. Rukstad, MSHSAA Executive Director sits down with Daryl Bradley, MSHSAA Assistant Executive and Jason West, MSHSAA Communications Director, to review everything from team finishes for each class to behind the scenes on exactly what is involved in running this spectacular event!

  • MSHSAA Championship Review: Girls Swimming & Diving

    MSHSAA Championship Review: Girls Swimming & Diving

    There is a lot to celebrate in Missouri when it comes to Girls Swimming & Diving! We had several records broken in the Girls Class 2 Swimming Championships and joining us on our wrap up podcast is the Rockhurst Boys Swim Coach, Paul Winkeler. who was recently named the national 2022-23 NFHS Boys Swimming & Diving Coach of the Year! We'll highlight all the winners and share some of our favorite stories from 49th Annual Girls Swimming & Diving Championships!

  • MSHSAA Championship Preview: Basketball Championships

    MSHSAA Championship Preview: Basketball Championships

    The stage is set! It's time to talk about our next upcoming Championships - The MSHSAA Show Me Showdown Basketball Championships! What's new this year? Well, quite a bit actually! In this episode we share all the details from dates to location and everything else leading up to the Championships!

  • MSHSAA Governance: Area Meeting Topics

    MSHSAA Governance: Area Meeting Topics

    The Area Meetings are an annual process in the MSHSAA governance procedures, where MSHSAA executives visit with school administrators at each of our Board Districts and present topics the MSHSAA Office and Board of Directors are seeking the opinions on from its membership. In this episode we will briefly summarize many of the topics we presented in January and explain a little more about this key process within the association.