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The MSHSAA All Access Podcast is an informative and educational podcast that will discuss current news and topics which concern interscholastic activities from around the state. Get a play-by-play on everything from Championships down to insight for Rules Changes and upcoming membership voting. Be sure to check out the MSHSAA All Access Podcast and be a part of the conversation.

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  • MSHSAA Championship Review: Track & Field

    MSHSAA Championship Review: Track & Field

    It's a mad dash to the finish!! We only have a few wrap up episodes left from the 2024 spring Championship season and in this episode we will highlight our two weekends of Track & Field Championships. Hang on tight as we fly through all the key moments, review team finishes, and recognize the amazing athletes that had a part in the 2024 championships!!

  • MSHSAA Championship Review: Boys Tennis

    MSHSAA Championship Review: Boys Tennis

    Missouri has one of the best tennis complexes in the nation and we are lucky to have the Cooper Tennis Complex in Springfield, Missouri as the host of the Girls and Boys Tennis Championships! In this episode we will take a swing at highlighting all the action over the two separate competitions starting with all the winners from the Singles & Doubles Championships and then recap our Teams Tennis Championships. We will also review some interesting statistics in regards to returning and new teams! You'll just 'LOVE' this episode!

  • MSHSAA Championship Review: Boys Golf Championships

    MSHSAA Championship Review: Boys Golf Championships

    Starting off our spring sports championship wrap up episodes is the 2024 Boys Golf Championships Review! This years golfers saw plenty of challenges and managed to overcome with some spectacular and tight competition. Find out where this years tournaments were held, how did the competitors finish, and what special accolades were made by this group of boys golfers!

  • MSHSAA Championship Review: Scholar Bowl Championships

    MSHSAA Championship Review: Scholar Bowl Championships

    Our last Spring Activity Championship is a true battle of the minds! In this episode we talk with State Tournament Director, Scott Brinker, as we revisit the 2024 MSHSAA Scholar Bowl Championships. This year we welcomed some newcomers to their first ever Championship appearance along with some of our usual contenders. If we learned anything during this event it is that we have some amazingly talented and informed students in Missouri! Listen as we talk about all the winners and recap how each class played out!

  • MSHSAA Championship Review: State Music Festival

    MSHSAA Championship Review: State Music Festival

    Thousands of students arriving at the University of Missouri in late April can mean only one thing - the start of the MSHSAA State Music Festival! While students practice in any open space available, inside or out, our State Festival Adjudicators are listening to performances, directors are giving their last bits of instruction, friends and family are celebrating and congratulating a job well done, and lifelong memories are made during these three days of organized chaos! Listen as we review this year's festival and talk with a very special guest that represents the many, many talented students in our state!