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For the people who run the country, and the people who keep the country running. 

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  • In Conversation: Sean Hackemann

    In Conversation: Sean Hackemann

    Sean Hackemann is a chartered accountant and founder of Specialist Accounting Solutions, a firm of chartered accountants. Sean founded Specialist Accounting Solutions in 2015 and has more than 15 years of experience working as a c...

  • In Conversation: Ben Barnard

    In Conversation: Ben Barnard

    Ben Barnard is director at Mossy Rock Ltd, following a successful tenure as head gardener at Upsall Castle.Barnard oversees a team who works to promote chemical free gardening and environmentally friendly outdoor spaces.Ben gradua...

  • In Conversation: Alex Pearmain

    In Conversation: Alex Pearmain

    Alex Pearmain is the co-founder of One-Fifty Consultancy, a company which provides digital marketing/social media consulting and data products, to drive purposeful digital interactions.Alex boasts years of experience building awar...

  • In Conversation: Paul Armstrong

    In Conversation: Paul Armstrong

    Paul Armstrong is the Founder of HERE/FORTH, the future technology advisory that helps a diverse set of clients (PwC, Coca-Cola, Coutts, O2, P&G, Omnicom Group) navigate new technologies strategically.Paul is also the founder of t...

  • In Conversation: Mandana White

    In Conversation: Mandana White

    Mandana White is the founder and CEO of Smart Grid Forums, a company that works with the engineering sector on innovative event concepts and programmes that inform technical decision-makers.Smart Grid remains close to sector devel...