Land Ethic

di Dylan Bagnasco

The Land Ethic Podcast features people who have dedicated their lives to conservation and stewardship of the natural world. Hosted by Dylan Bagnasco.  

Episodi del podcast

  • #44 Lakhan Clark

    #44 Lakhan Clark

    Lakhan Clark is an outdoorsman and writer from Auckland, New Zealand. He's passionate about connecting to the natural world through the pursuit of wild food in the NZ backcountry. He's committed to helping preserve this human and ...

  • #43 Robert Kent

    #43 Robert Kent

    Robert Kent is the Texas State Director for The Trust for Public Land, where he leads a team of colleagues and volunteers working to make the health, climate, equity, and community benefits of parks and nature accessible to all. B...

  • #42 Dr. Jason LaBelle

    #42 Dr. Jason LaBelle

    Dr. Jason LaBelle is a professor of anthropology at Colorado State University. He is the director of a research lab called the Center for Mountain and Plains Archaeology, and serves as the curator of the Archaeological Repository ...

  • #41 Seth Wilson

    #41 Seth Wilson

    Seth Wilson is the Executive Director of the Blackfoot Challenge, a leading collaborative conservation group based in western Montana. As an applied conservation biologist, Seth has worked on resolving issues between people and wi...

  • #40 Jaden Bales

    #40 Jaden Bales

    Jaden Bales is a sportsman and western hunting tag expert from Wyoming. He’s written for outdoor media websites like Rokslide and Modern Huntsman, and has appeared regularly on podcasts such as Eastman’s Elevated and the Rich Outd...