Katia Makatow Presents U-WÅ Podcast Series

di Katia Makatow

Katia Makatow is a world-acclaimed performance artist who holds the 'world's youngest performance artist' title on her pocket and keeps creating on her unique art form within so many disciplines. She's an artist who is more curious than a cat and a mother who loves to give birth to a new entity but not to raise another human... She's an absolute fountain of the inspiration and an eternal mind and soul for arts and artists and c ...   ...  Leggi dettagli

Episodi del podcast

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  • Friends are Fake

    Friends are Fake

    In this episode Katia talks about why friends are like 'Fire Breathing Kittens' and that's why she welcomes a promo from the actual podcast in the same name. She also tells us about her groundbreaking performances like, 'Chernobyl Calling', 'Paint Me Good' and her first performance in the epic Nutcracker Suit which made her the world's youngest performance artist.

  • Call Your Name Out Loud

    Call Your Name Out Loud

    Katia tells us about her ground-breaking 'Chernobyl Calling' performance back in early 2000's and gives us her tips for being a visionary.

  • Nipples Are Free

    Nipples Are Free

    Katia Makatow, tells us about her discoveries on social media restrictions and global warming crisis.

  • Don't Be A Lightning Arrester

    Don't Be A Lightning Arrester

    In this 3rd episode of U-WÅ performance podcast series, Katia Makatow is narrating us a story which she wrote in mental hospital when she was 2 years old. And her real story why she asked her parents to send her to a mental hospital.

  • Turtles Can U-WÅ

    Turtles Can U-WÅ

    In this second episode of world's youngest performance artist Katia Makatow's podcast series about her new work-in-progress ' U-WÅ by Katia Makatow ' ; she tells us about our mother Nature and why should we protect her and she warns us about a very important issues which recently confronts... Have a pleasureful listening everyone🙏