A Homebuyer's Move Story - From South Philly to South Jersey

Happy Hour with the Home Collective di Bill Ball & Kristin McFeely

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Let's face it, a lot of people have moved into new homes over the last few years. The seller's market was a crazy place, and buyers were busting to live in a new space. It seems to be slowing down enough for us to start to reflect back on it and catch up with some homebuyers and their 'move' story. The first one just happens to be our very own Bill Ball's story on moving from South Philly to South Jersey. We dive deep into why he chose the 'burbs, why now, and did he lose his marbles during the process?...

Also in Dina's Downloads we talk about trying to beat the heat with one city's attempt to create 'invisible shade'. We sound better when you are buzzed up, so grab a cocktail and join us for Happy Hour!

Featured Drinks: Gripah Grapefruit IPA, Trail Hopper IPA, Casamigos tequila

Move Story: 6:30

Dina's Downloads: 35:00

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