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Here's the Deal is focused on entrepreneurs that discuss their deals and how they came together. Ever wonder how someone buys buildings or builds a huge business? Here’s the deal.

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  • Here's the Deal with Mark Evans DM


    Here's the Deal with Mark Evans DM


    🎙Mark Evans DM, aka The Deal Maker, is a successful entrepreneur author, and coach who splits his time between Ohio and Florida. Like us, Mark is from a small Ohio town. Growing up, people around him weren’t sure he’d graduate highschool. Mark had other ideas and had his first two busineses by 19.💪 The DM's huge success since then has partly come from his strategy - combine systems and a strong team, and emphasize “data, not drama”. 🎯 He is also a 11 time bestselling author; he’s created cutting-edge software; he’s an expert in teaching business owners how to automate and scale their business; and he coaches business owners around the world on how he runs two 8-figure businesses. 🏆🏆🏆 We like Mark because he is a gigantic hustler AND he’s also in the trenches with his teammembers. So, without further ado, here’s the deal with Mark Evans, DM.

  • Here's the Deal with Fuquan Bilal

    Here's the Deal with Fuquan Bilal

    On this episode of Here's the Deal, we talk to Fuquan Bilal. Fuquan started his business career in flipping houses, but found that distressed note investing was where the real opportunity was. Fuquan is an expert in the real estate space. He has done so much and has been happy helping others all the while. Adam and Paul recognized Fuquan as one of the original content providers that gave others the opportunity to be successful, too, and was even putting it out there for free! Fuquan is a great guest and we had a ball interviewing him. We hope you enjoy it. Now, here's the deal.

  • Here's the Deal with Tim Bratz

    Here's the Deal with Tim Bratz

    Have you wondered how in the world someone can buy a multi-million dollar building? Well, here's the deal. Folks like Tim Bratz have come up with a system on how to acquire, add value to the asset, earn big, then rinse and repeat. Even better, Tim is the most generous guy and is a fellow Clevelander. We talk about how he started, what he's up to and where he's going from here. You don't want to read about the podcast, so listen in to Here's the Deal with Paul and Adam - the Vincent Brothers.