di Niamh Campbell

Niamh Campbell, a senior in high school and full-time student-athlete, shares her story as she works to increase her mental strength and conquer competition anxiety. Niamh tells listeners about her personal journey in junior tennis—from being a carefree Red ball player, to (almost) smashing tennis racquets, and having an epiphany about her mindset. In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of mental health in profession ... 

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Episodi del podcast

  • Stagione 2

  • curtain call

    curtain call

    Welcome to the final episode of season 2! Join Niamh as she breaks down the school year, discusses what is to come, and shares some important information.Link to RNA Camps -

  • Mission Accomplished

    Mission Accomplished

    Tune into this episode as Niamh shares some exciting news about her future!

  • a coach’s perspective

    a coach’s perspective

    Niamh is joined by Matt Sunter, her tennis coach and Director of Tennis at IJPTennis in Phoenix, to discuss what it means to coach mental strength.

  • real reviews - mindset

    real reviews - mindset

    Join Niamh as she reviews the book "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" and how its ideas can be applied to sports.

  • Climbing the Staircase

    Climbing the Staircase

    Listen to Niamh discuss her mental progress during her most recent run of tournaments.