Yielding, with the 4 Adepts

Blue Collar Zen di spiritual folk-tales & conversations, at the Detroit Zen Center

Note sull'episodio

The 4 Adepts is a story read from the Chuang Tzu. The theme is 'yielding'.

Story read by Abbot Hwalson Sunim, then a conversation afterward together with Vice-Abbot Myungju Sunim.

On the 4 Adepts (Taoist Sages): As Adept Cart becomes sick and faces death, he shares with us & his fellow sages his own fearless and yielding view of death, as a simple extension of the eventual passing of all things....

This version of Chuang Tzu has been translated by David Hinton, and is part of his collection The 4 Classics (of Taoism).

Thank you for listening...