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Conversations shaping a Bitcoin future. A hub in cyberspace for community coordination. Building and protecting sound money for humanity. 

Episodi del podcast

  • A conversation with John Vallis

    A conversation with John VallisEsplicito

    We cover: John's health story, truth, values, health as proof of work, mental models, lessons learned and viewing health through the lens of BitcoinCreators: @JohnkVallis & @NobodyCaribou[recorded on: May 3, 2022 - Moscow time...

  • A conversation with Pavao

    A conversation with PavaoEsplicito

    Two orangepillers talking about Rab CitadelWe cover: Pavao's Bitcoin story, what a citadel means to us, Rab Citadel, moving to Rab, mining in Rab to plant a citadel seedCreators: @ppahljina & @nobodycaribourecorded on: April 2...

  • Bitcoin for the hood

    Bitcoin for the hoodEsplicito

    I speak with Kevin about his mission to get everyone in the hood some satsCreators: @HoodBitcoin & @NobodyCaribou[recorded on March 22, moscow time: 23:51 @ 728,547 ]

  • A conversation with Gigi

    A conversation with GigiEsplicito

    We cover: Gigi's Bitcoin story, his article: the freedom of value, the monetization of information, from platforms to protocols, incentives of social media today, mental transaction costs, digital rights problem, the concept of va...

  • A conversation with Aleks Svetski

    A conversation with Aleks SvetskiEsplicito

    We cover: Aleks' Bitcoin story, Bitcoin culture, Isaiahs job essay, the remnant, conservation of energy, selective adoption, converting the dormant remnant, building for the future. Creators: @NobodyCaribou & @GhostofSvetski [...