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Arts workers are essential, and more than ever, it's important that the world understand what it's like to work in the performing arts. Hear the bold, untold personal stories on workplace and work culture from arts workers themselves. Produced by APAP and made possible with support from the Wallace Foundation.

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  • Stagione 3

  • Breaking the Arts Barrier

    Breaking the Arts Barrier

    Systemic barriers to equality are apparent throughout the industry, but at a certain point you can't keep dancing around the red tape. You have to break through it. Episode two is all about arts workers that are breaking down barriers. But these storytellers don’t just shine a light on inequality, they offer a tangible and inspirational path forward. Intro: “Eyes and Ears” with Sabrina Martinez, an audio describer in Houston, Texas. Act One: “Tours and Tribulations” with Justine Bayod Espoz, the executive director of Torito Arts in Chicago, Illinois. Act Two: “Mobilizing To Move Forward” with Daniel Phoenix Singh, the executive director of Metro Arts Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee. You can find a full transcript and more on APAP’s website: Are you a performing arts worker with a story to tell? Submit it here:

  • Remix, Rework, Reimagine.

    Remix, Rework, Reimagine.

    The audience was seated, the performers were waiting in the wings, and the musicians were just about to play the opening note when a powerful storm took out the electrical grid for the entire county. With the event suddenly canceled on the last night of their tour, Jono Gasparro’s company found inspiration in desperation. And that’s when the magic happened. The first episode of the third season of ARTS. WORK. LIFE. explores what results when artists and arts workers must remix, rework, and reimagine their performances, their work life, and their art. Whether by accident, a cruel twist of fate, or through thoughtful consideration, these necessary adaptations reveal what truly guides performing arts professionals. Act One: “Remix” with Jono Gasparro, the co-founder of Electric Root in Los Angeles, California. Act Two: “Rework” with Ziiomi Law, an administrative care worker and artist. They are currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Act Three: “Reimagine” with Perla Batalla, a singer and recording artist in Los Angeles, California. You can find a full transcript and more on APAP’s website: Are you a performing arts worker with a story to tell? Submit it here:

  • Ep. 2 Sneak Preview


    Ep. 2 Sneak Preview


    Episode two arrives June 11th – featuring inspirational stories of arts workers breaking down systemic barriers.

  • Season 3 Arrives May 28th!


    Season 3 Arrives May 28th!


    Are you ready to shine? Season three of the award-winning ARTS. WORK. LIFE. podcast arrives May 28th! Twenty bold, untold stories will take you behind the curtain of the performing arts industry. Whether about failure and heartbreak or triumph and success, each story reveals an important truth from the perspective of a professional working in live arts and entertainment. Subscribe or follow the show, turn on automatic downloads, and tell a friend about ARTS. WORK. LIFE.

  • Stagione 2

  • Breaking Out of the Box

    Breaking Out of the Box

    Being prematurely judged or misunderstood can be frustrating, limiting and even harmful. In the final episode of Season 2, artists and arts administrators share stories of pushing boundaries, subverting categories and defying expectations. Act One: “Up-Rising” with Emily Isaacson, a conductor and the founding director of Classical Uprising in Portland, Maine. Act Two: “Such Creatures” with Luke Greeff, a dancer, choreographer, circus artist, and educator in Chicago, Illinois. Act Three: “More Than Madness” with Sam Simon, a playwright, author and actor in McLean, Virginia. You can find a full transcript and more on APAP’s website: You can find the resource Luke mentions in their story, Gender Expansive Practices in Dance Spaces: An Introduction here. Are you a performing arts worker with a story to tell? Submit it here: