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The AAMFT Podcast is an all-access pass to the latest news, developments, and thought leaders in the world of systemic therapy. Hosted by Dr. Eli Karam, it strives to relate, educate, and innovate one episode at a time. The episodes explore topics that relationship-based therapists care about, and features unique conversations and interviews with established experts. The show provides information and education on direct practic ...   ...  Leggi dettagli

Episodi del podcast

  • Episode 99: Dr. Doug Snyder

    Episode 99: Dr. Doug Snyder

    In this episode, Eli dives deep with Dr. Doug Snyder into a proven, research-based approach for treating couples impacted by the trauma of infidelity to learn the clinical skills that will empower your couples to recover after significant breaches of trust.

  • Episode 98: Dr. Karen Gail Lewis

    Episode 98: Dr. Karen Gail Lewis

    In this episode, Eli sits down with Dr. Lewis to discuss the four components of sibling ghosts: frozen images, crystalized roles, unhealthy loyalty, and sibling transference.

  • Episode 97: Sara Reed

    Episode 97: Sara Reed

    In this episode, Eli talks with a MFT leader in this area, Sara Reed. Sara is a mental health futurist and has spent her early career reimagining effective mental health care in the medical system.

  • Episode:96


    In this interview, Dr. Ellyn Bader sits down with Eli to describe the evolution of her work as a couples therapist. She also recalls how she and her therapist husband, Dr. Peter Pearson, founded the Couples Institute and the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, a model that teaches therapists how to diagnose, intervene and significantly help troubled relationships.

  • Episode 95: Dr. Chris Habben


    Episode 95: Dr. Chris Habben


    In this episode of the AAMFT Podcast, Eli has a thought-provoking conversation with AAMFT Past President & current Chair of the Spirituality in Clinical Practice (SICP) Topical Interest Network - Dr. Chris Habben.