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  • S01 E04 - Inaugural Antics

    S01 E04 - Inaugural Antics

    Landon navigates his first night as POTUS at the Inaugural BallFeatured CastLandon Woodson - @where_is_landonLangston Darby - @langstonhdarbyJoniece Abbott-Pratt - @jabbottprattMarkita Prescott - @markitaprescottKourtney Nicole- @...

  • S01 E03 - Garbage Goes Out Tomorrow...

    S01 E03 - Garbage Goes Out Tomorrow...

    Landon rehearses his Inaugural Address, confronts his anxiety about becoming a resident of the White House, and reflects on how life is about to change with his Head of Security, Sharod Choyce. Cast:Landon Woodson @where_is_landon...

  • S01 E02 - Good God!

    S01 E02 - Good God!

    Landon reflects on his roots, navigates a call from a former President, and starts looking ahead to the Inauguration.Featuring:Landon Woodson (Black Prezi) @where_is_landonShannell Griggs (Vice Prezi) @shannellthewriterArron Lloyd...

  • S01 E01 - Sins Away

    S01 E01 - Sins Away

    Landon Woodson runs for President of the United States

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    S01 - Black Prezi Trailer #1

    S01 - Black Prezi Trailer #1

    Welcome to Black Prezi!