Lucky Reading Podcast

por J F K Randhawa & Teo Rivera-Dundas

Hello! This is Lucky Reading Podcast, a process piece! In this podcast, hosts J and T talk together/vamp about what they're currently reading—books, articles, wall texts, soap bottles, street signs, t-shirts? and other media—especially if they haven't yet finished reading. Hosts J (J F K Randhawa) and T (Teo Rivera-Dundas) are multi-disciplinary artists currently based in Los Angeles, CA. They are the founders and co-editors o ...   ...  Leer más

Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 1

  • Ep. 3 — Gaze and Gossip in the Rain

    Ep. 3 — Gaze and Gossip in the Rain

    Welcome to Episode 3 of Lucky Reading Podcast! T and J are in a backyard, then in a park with a special guest/artist-of-reading/snippet-collector, and then again in a backyard. We chat about the following texts: 07:50—Max Yeh's Stolen Oranges: Letters Between Cervantes and the Emperor of China, a pseudo-fiction (Kaya Press, 2017) 22:59—Leonora Carrington's The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington, Introduction by Kathryn Davis (Dorothy, a publishing project, 2017) 38:36—Kōbō Abe's The Box Man (Vintage, 1973) 52:03—Prismatic Ecology: Ecotheory beyond Green, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, ed. (University of Minnesota Press, 2015) NOTE! This is an incredibly challenging season as we collectively cope with the effects of Covid-19, and the effects will make daily life all the more dire for folks in our communities who are already underserved. In response to the increased precarity, we'd like to share a few links of resources we know of, specifically for those living in or near Los Angeles, California: Google form for mutual aid in LA generally (all responses will end up in this form so you can also go through the requests/offers and see if you want to connect with someone directly) Google form for mutual aid in LA via Ground Game LA

  • Ep. 2 — Fiction Problems!


    Ep. 2 — Fiction Problems!


    Welcome to Episode 2 of Lucky Reading Podcast! T and J are having breakfast, chatting about five current/recently completed reads: 01:31—Jesse Ball's How To Set A Fire And Why: A Novel (Pantheon, 2016) 12:41—Akil Kumarasamy's Half Gods (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2018) 23:08—Nintendo's Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development, 2017) 26:32—Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz's An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States (Beacon Press, 2015) 30:36—Octavia E. Butler's The Parable of The Sower (Four Walls Eight Windows, 1993) and The Parable of the Talents (Seven Stories Press, 1998)

  • Ep. 1 — Eco-vamping!


    Ep. 1 — Eco-vamping!


    Welcome to Episode 1 of Lucky Reading Podcast! T and J are in a backyard, chatting about six current reads: 02:11—Richard Powers' The Overstory (W. W. Norton, 2018) 14:00—Edgar Garcia's Skins of Columbus: A Dream Ethnography (Fence Books, 2019) 26:00—Natalie Diaz's When My Brother Was an Aztec (Copper Canyon Press, 2012) 31:59—Madhur Anand's A New Index For Predicting Catastrophe (McClelland & Stewart: Penguin Random House, 2015) 37:13—Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer, 2020) 43:32—"Homero Gómez González, Mexico’s monarch butterfly defender, found dead," Washington Post (1/29/2020)